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Why so Many Younger girls Now Become Lesbians

Why do you think many younger girls now become lesbians? This may give an impression of a philosophical question. But, this is an interesting topic that anyone can keep an eye on.

Here are the following reasons why many younger girls now become lesbians:

1.Excessive Curiosity
Due to the reason that the modern generation has its motto of living life to the fullest while still beautiful, healthy and young, they try out everything. In this regard, lesbianism is not an exception.

Some young ladies are interested in having a one-time experiment. They become lesbians just for the sake of a thrilling experience. The experiment usually changes the views of women in life. And thus, this leads to homosexuality.

2.Inborn Inclination to Lesbianism
The inborn inclination to lesbianism may be another reason why many younger teen girls now become lesbians. This is also brought by the improper bringing of their families. It is also believed that the endocrine system of lesbians does not likely produce the right amount of estrogen. Their blood is also full of testosterone levels.

With their high testosterone levels, they assume that they have the masculine traits and character. Younger girls now find it difficult maintaining their heterosexual relationships with men. This is also mainly brought by being more interested in women.

3.Hatred to Men
The relationship between a woman and a man often consists of tears, fights and grudges. This could be another reason, dating as lesbians is easier, why so many younger girls now become lesbians. The hatred may also be attributed to the kind of sexual or emotional abuse. This leaves the deepest scars in the younger girls’ subconscious minds.

Due to the reason that they do not receive help from psychologists or parents, they now have trouble in overcoming the fear of being around with men. Deeper inner conflicts, wounds and fears only intensify the problem. These also gave birth to an intense hatred and disgust towards men.

4.Younger Girls Understand Each Other Better
Women and men are not likely to build a harmonious relationship. This is due to the reason that their behaviors, outlooks, dreams, goals and reactions are entirely different. Also, women are sensitive and emotional by nature. They need someone to share their ideas and contradictions. They also are interested in letting out their inner emotions. However, men are not good comforters. They only take a sober look even at the most challenging situations. They also think logically and rationally.

This is the main reason why they are seriously interested in becoming lesbians. By being a lesbian, this further gives them an opportunity of reaching a mutual understanding. They can also talk for hours and they can find the right words to cheer up and inspire their partners.

These are among the reasons why so many younger girls now become lesbians. However, this is not the end of the world. And, this is also mainly a choice that all people from different walks of life and age, should respect.

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