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Lesbian Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Do be true to yourself
No matter what your sexual orientation is it’s always important to be honest with yourself and to be true to yourself. If you’re not sure that you’re lesbian but you are curious it’s possible you’re bisexual or just bi-curious. There’s nothing wrong with going on a date with another woman if you find yourself wanting to explore your sexuality, but be upfront and honest with your date – let her know that you’re still discovering yourself and that this date is part of that discovery process, chances are she’ll be quite understanding.

Accept yourself for who you are/Love yourself
Your sexual orientation is a part of you, it’s not something you can turn off and on with a switch, so if you’re lesbian or bisexual except this is part of your life and be happy with who you are. If there are people in your life that can’t except your sexual orientation that’s their own limitation it’s not yours – if they are important to you hopefully one day they will come around and if not you’re probably better off without them. The important thing is that you’re accepting of yourself and that you love yourself – until you reach this point in your life it’s impossible and unfair to expect anybody else to accept and love you in return.

Always make sure you know as much as possible about someone you meet online
The growth of online gay girls dating has made it a lot easier for lesbians to find potential matches that live near them, but you still have to proceed with a little caution. Before meeting anyone you meet online in person be sure that you’re confident you know as much about them as you possibly can. If they’re in a hurry to meet you and don’t want to take the time to get to know you, chances are they may not be the person you’re looking for – don’t allow yourself to be pressured into something you’re not comfortable with.

Don’t ever send money or gifts to someone you’ve just met online
If you meet someone online that seems interesting, but they immediately start pressuring you into sending them money or buying them gifts alarm bells should be going off in your head. I can’t imagine asking anyone I’ve just met to shower gifts on me – it’s inappropriate and this person likely isn’t interested in a real relationship they just want to get as much out of you as they can. It’s best to walk away now and look for someone that really cares about you.

Don’t always talk about your ex
It’s human nature to want to talk about past relationships, but chances are the person that you’re on a date with really doesn’t want to hear about it. Unless they bring it up in conversation it’s always best to avoid conversations about your ex. Perhaps at a later time once you’ve been involved in a long-term relationship and you’re comfortable with each other it will be more appropriate to talk about these past relationships, but it should never be part of the discussion on your first date.

Don’t ever get too serious too fast
If you’ve ever been involved in a world-wind relationship you know how disorientating this can be – it may seem like you’ve always been meant for each other, but that’s likely just hormones talking. Why not take a breath and take it slow? If you really are meant to be together there is no doubt that you’ll find this out for sure in time.

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