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Possibilities of having herpes while lesbian dating.

Herpes and STDs are virus-oriented sexual diseases which can be spread easily and transmitted while any kind of sexual activity. Herpes do not care about gender and might be a huge problem for either ladies and gentlemen. Doesn’t matter if you are infected or clean, herpes might touch you in the most unexpected moment in your life.

There’s a saying that homosexual people have more problems with STDs than heterosexuals. Is that truth? Let’s find out!

Scientists claim that gays are more likely exposed to get herpes from their either long time or one-night sexual partners. Is it because anus and anal sex is the best way to get infected or get herpes transmitted. The anus is very fragile for any kind of viruses and that’s the reason why so many gays people have either different types of herpes or HIV/AIDS disease.

When it comes to lesbians the risk is getting less however, it does not disappear totally. The ratio of herpes transmission is still high, especially while having sex with a random partner. Most or lesbians having STDs do not claim to have HIV or AIDS, however, it is possible to get infected too by anal sex with sex toys for example or vaginal sex using fingers.

Now you might ask, how to have to save sex if you are a lesbian. There're a few ways out:
1.Wash your hands every time before and after fingers play. Ask you partner to do same.
2.Use a dental dam for any kind of oral sex, or for covering infected areas to avoid skin touch. If you are unable to buy a dental dam you might make one from a male condom. Cut the tip of condom carefully, roll it out and cut into half. You will get a huge piece of latex, which you might use as a dental dam. Remember it shouldn’t be lubricated too much or have a fruit flavor.
3.Stay away from any sexual activity especially when you are during sores outbreaks or you might have an outbreak soon.
4.Do not share sex toys with your partner without previous and after wash. If you are using a dildo, always protect it with a male condom.
5.Talk with your partner honestly if you are herpes positive. You both will come up with the best solution about sex life and how to please each other.
6.Visit your local doctor and start proper treatment. Not only it will make your love life better but the quality of your everyday life will rise. Medical treatment prevents outbreaks as well.
7.Keep your body in good condition, and keep proper hygiene. Sores outbreaks are less likely to appear if the infected area is clean.

Herpes and STDs might happen in a lesbian world as well. It all depends on who you will have sex with, your own safety while having fun and if you learn a lesson properly. It’s possible to have a healthy and satisfaction life free or herpes and sexual diseases.

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