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7 Online Dating Challenges for Lesbian Women Living with Herpes

There can not only be challenges when you’re ready to get back into the dating pool, but also when you’re a lesbian woman who has herpes. You won’t find one person who finds that dating is simple, unless you’re a multi-millionaire actor, and even they would probably agree it’s difficult to find a compatible person. Despite this challenge, you’d be surprised to learn that stds and herpes are common diseases for gay men and women.

Here are 7 online dating challenges when you’re a lesbian woman living with herpes, and seeking another woman for companionship.

1. You’ve unintentionally narrowed the field. Your dating pool is going to be smaller than for the straight, std-free woman. It can be challenging for the lesbian to find another lesbian to date, and also one who also has herpes. This is before you even reach the point where you need to narrow down interests and attractive qualities that you’re seeking in a date.

2. You’re admitting to others what you’ve barely admitted to yourself. It can be difficult living with a condition that can be painful, unsightly, and frustrating. You may have barely accepted that you’ve contracted herpes from a prior partner, and now you must admit it to potential dates so you can find a new partner. On top of this, you must admit it to people that you don’t even know.

3. Potential lesbian partners don’t care about your herpes. You may be approached by some women who don’t care if you have herpes, but you do care. You don’t want to pass it along to someone else. It can be difficult explaining to someone you’ve just met how you don’t feel they’re a suitable candidate, because you don’t want to risk passing herpes onto them.

4. You may be approached by herpes + guys. Some people don’t follow the rules on the dating sites. You made your choice years ago, yet some guys will still try to tempt you into meeting up even though your preferences are clearly stated in your online dating profile.

5. It’s difficult finding a quality lesbian dating site. It’s difficult finding the right dating site because many are free, hence no one takes them seriously. It’s possible to find quality dating sites for lesbian women with herpes, but it may take some time and effort to find them.

6. People may be more interested in messaging than actually meeting up. Many people use the internet for entertainment purposes, and that translates over to the dating sites too. While you may find success in connecting with other lesbian women with herpes, they may only be looking for an online friend. You have to sift through these people to find only the serious ones who are truly interested in meeting up.

To find success in your online dating adventures you’ll need to embrace these challenges and be willing to work past them, should they arise. A fully-featured online dating site should help you to find that special woman much faster than if you simply waited for a chance encounter.

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