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Lesbian Women- Born to Be Lesbians or Grow to be Lesbians, and Why?

What exactly is the reason why there are lesbian women in the society? Are they born to be lesbians or they grow to be lesbians?

Here are among the things that prove that Lesbian women are born to be lesbians:

1.Based on the newest research, homosexuality has already been hard-wired into the brain even before the start of the adolescence stage. In fact, the evidence has also been revealed by the famous Steve Connor. He was the person who responsibly assessed the latest counterclaims and claims about it.

2.Based on a research, lesbians have acquired their sexual orientation at the early stage of their lives.

3. Others also have pointed out clearly that the same brain patterns occur in most straight men and lesbians. This is another significant reason why lesbian women are born to be lesbians.

Grow to be Lesbians-Another Viewpoint
As compared to the viewpoints that lesbian women are born to be lesbians, scientists also put emphasis on homosexuality does not mainly rely on genetic. This is due to the reason that the trait may somehow disappear given that gay people are less likely to reproduce.

Here are the things that prove that Lesbian women grow to be lesbians:

1.Based on the current thinking of the scientific community, they grow to be lesbians as this is mainly caused by a complex interaction of environmental, psychosocial, and biological factors. And since no one is really born to be lesbian, it is just a matter of choosing to grow as lesbian. It is also on how one wants to define herself. This is not entirely a matter of genes or biology.

2.Even though the reports, studies and media headlines have given the impression of a gay gene, it is still important to take note that each of the studies experiences from limitations and problems. And even though female homosexuality appears to be less heritable, the environment still influences the lesbians.

3.The gene is also not a single factor that acts as a determinant factor on who will be a lesbian. Especially if they have grown to a lesbian family, they will naturally grow as lesbians, too. This is because the common practices of lesbians are seen in each day they live. Even the likes and dislikes that are common for lesbians are also most often observed. Thus, it is just natural for them to grow to be lesbians.

In a recent study in 2007, it was concluded that it is possible for them to change their physical attractions. The change may often involve a difficult and long journey. And thus, it is possible especially for highly determined and motivated individuals.

As evidently seen, lesbians can change and choose to be straight women. There are already thousands of people who have walked out of their lesbian identities. The reality is that people can choose to change their sexual representation/identity. It is just a matter of strong will to be able to be a straight woman again.

Now, you have clearly understood if lesbian women are born to be lesbians or they grow to be lesbians!

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