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Types of lesbians you can find on Tinder

Everybody knows Tinder as an easy and instant way to meet and greet people from your local area who are ready to have fun. Being a lesbian in the online-dating world is challenging, however, it might be fun if you know where and how to look for partners and friends. Tinder is a mix of different types or people, as well as lesbians. Even though Tinder is rather a lesbian-friendly, they're few types of homosexual girls you might find on this dating app.

1.The “tesbian”
Testbian is a woman who looks hot and sexy from the very first glance. She is usually in their 30 or 40’s. She looks great and gorgeous. She knows how to wear fashionable clothes and for sure having a great well-paid job. The only problem here is the fact that she never had a lesbian relationship before and she is not 100% sure to get into one. Since she is not convinced to be a truly lesbian she might date with guys behind your back.

2.A girl who is using group photos
Another type of lesbian on tinder is a woman who prefers to use group photos which make it hard to determine which one is the actual account holder. If you scroll down few more pics you will realize that she is the less attractive among all girls on the common pic.

3.Woman who lie about her age
Not all lesbians are sexy, hot and young but what’s the point of faking actual age? Unfortunately, some homosexual girls tend to write not actual age just to gather more attention and get searched multiple times.

4.A girl who looks like a Satan daughter
Being a fan of heavy metal, tattoos and piercing is nothing wrong even when it comes to the lesbian world. However, showing off scary looking pics on Tinder and writing stuff related to Satan isn’t a good way to promote yourself.

5.A guy pretending to be a lesbian
This is really common practice for desperate guys who are trying to hit on lesbians (or rather bisexuals) just to get laid. If you ever wondered why your Tinder is showing you guys even you clicked on “show me women only” option. Now you have an answer.

6.Porn related and face covered pics
The main pic is most important on Tinder because your swipe left or right depends on this. Some lesbians prefer to show off tits or booties instead of a face. Sexually related gestures and facial expression are common as well.

7.“None of my pics are myself” lesbian
That kind of lesbians is not that common, however, if you swipe Tinder on a daily basis you will come across them. Those girls are usually using everything except their real photography. Is it because they are ashamed to show off face?

8.Girls who use Tinder as a business place
Tinder becomes a market place when a random people started to spam around with their one people businesses and try to get more clients. Girls who are makeup or nail artists are no exception here. They pretend to be lesbians just to gather more views and potential clients.

9.“Looking for threesome” lesbian
Nope, she is not a lesbian; she is just looking for threesome fun with her boyfriend.

There are more types of Lesbians on Tinder however, it’s impossible to describe them all. Happy Tindering Ladies!

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