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Frequently Asked Questions about Lesbian Dating

How do I know if I’m a lesbian?
Sexuality is something we all have questions about and only you can truly answer the question of whether or not you’re lesbian. The best way to do this is take a long hard look at yourself and ask yourself who you’re attracted to. It’s entirely possible you may find yourself aroused by either sex and that’s perfectly fine – a large percentage of the population have had conflicting thoughts about their sexuality, it’s normal, it’s part of growing up. If you have feelings towards other women don’t be afraid to explore these feelings and it’s always best to be honest with yourself. If you follow this philosophy you’ll arrive at the truth eventually.

How many lesbians are there in the United States?
The exact number of lesbians in the United States is a number that is difficult to nail down, but there have been studies on how many people identify themselves as homosexual and the general consensus from the studies is that homosexuals represent about 3.5% of the US population. That’s approximately 8 million people and if you figure that lesbians make up about half that then you’re looking at about 4 million lesbian women in the United States alone.

How many lesbians are there in Canada?
The answer to this question is just as difficult to answer as it is for the United States, but a recent article in Canada’s National Post newspaper suggested that homosexuals make up about 5% of Canada’s population. As Canada has a population of approximately 35 million people that means there are about 1,758,000 people that identify as homosexual in Canada. Once again, if we assume that about half of that represents lesbian or bisexual women were looking at about 879,000 lesbian women in Canada.

How many lesbians are there in the world?
While statistics don’t really exist for exactly how many people identify themselves as homosexual right across the world, studies in most countries suggest that the homosexual population on average is about 5%. As the current population of the world is about 7.3 billion, that means there are approximately 370 million homosexual people on the planet and once again assuming about half of those are women that means there are about 185 million lesbian or bisexual women in the world.

Do lesbian woman have to worry about safe sex?
Yes, lesbian women have to worry about safe sex just like the rest of the population. Lesbian women are at risk of contracting diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and gonorrhea – as well as any other STD. It’s important to always practice safe sex and use all necessary precautions.

If I find myself having feelings of attraction to both men and women does that mean I’m bisexual?
This is a difficult question to answer. Many people have questions about their sexuality and find themselves attracted to either sex, but that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily gay or bisexual (check bisexual dating sites) it may just be that they’re simply bi-curious. The only person that can answer this question for you is yourself – the important thing is to never be afraid to accept your own sexuality, as the resulting internal conflict can lead to long-term depression. There are certainly challenges in “coming out”, but you owe it to yourself to be honest and live the lifestyle that makes you happy.

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